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          Relying on HZD safety production management system, promoting QHSE management of enterprises comprehensively from 2013.

          • Real - time feedback

            Reflecting the situation of the enterprise safety production in real time

          • Mechanism of early warning the hidden danger

            Mechanism of efficient early warning ( early warning of hidden dangers due )

          • Personnel early warning mechanism

            Efficient early warning mechanism ( early warning of expiration of personnel certificate )

          • Workflow application

            On - demand workflow application ( examination and approval of special operation license )

          • Closed loop management

            Closed loop management of hidden danger management ( pdca workflow application )

          • Rectification notice

            Hidden dangers rectification notice which can be exported and printed at any time

          • Comparative analysis

            Comparative analysis of hidden dangers rectification rate

          • Early warning index

            Safety production early warning index

          • Analysis report

            Safety production early warning analysis report

          • Ledger export

            Ledger is the natural collection of process data, and the system summarizes all ledger information.

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